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Laubahn Laubahn

a captivating fragrance
That whispers of wildflowers

a captivating fragrance
That whispers of wildflowers

Lost in the Moment

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Laubahn Laubahn

Meet The Founder

The power of fragrance has the ability to transport you to wonderful places.

Stacey Bresnahan, Founder of Laubahn Perfumes, is on a Mission to Transport you through her fragrances to wonderful places.
Ever since she was a young girl, Stacey was drawn to the beauty of nature, particularly to flowers and their magical fragrances and longed to capture those scents in perfume for everyone to enjoy.
Her vivid dreams filled with fragrant floral covered cottages and lush forests filled with vibrant flowers, the size of beach balls, were her inspirations for writing the book
"Life on a Star" and the creation of her fragrances.
Her dream came true in 2019 when she fully launched Laubahn Perfumes, in hopes to spread joy through fragrance and create scentsational memories.


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