MOONLIT TRYST soap collection


Moonlit Tryst soap collection

Experience our four new fine fragrances in luxurious vegetable-based glycerin soap created to transport you to wonderful places. 

There are four vibrant colored soaps inside the box in a 4oz size and are handmade in the USA.

Included in the box you will find a biodegradable compressed cellulose sponge that rehydrates when placed in water and produces rich lather when used with the soaps, and is a great place holder for the soap.

Let the fragrant adventure begin!

Love in Mist - Showers you with love

The sun has set, heart is racing, and excitement ignites. As you walk under the night sky to the summer garden, shooting stars illuminate your sight and your rose colored glasses tint your world in hues of pink and gold.  The love in a mist is soft like a rose and light as a violet, in a backdrop of earthy musk that fills the air before midnight.  Love is all around

Midnight in the Garden - Wraps you in romance and passion

In a haze, hands collide, hearts are open, deep breathes. A poetic mix of night blooming jasmine and dramatic lilies fill the air. You feel the dewy grass beneath you as the flowers hold your hand and kisses taste of salty air. You see the stars.

Cheers - Covers you in the warmth of good wishes

Waves crash on the beach in the distance, arms are open, hugs are tight, and not a care in the world has you dancing in the moonlight.  Music in the air travels, glasses filled with the smoothest bourbon, whispers and emotions collide, Cheers! The fragrant air fills your head, forever in your mind, bitter and sweet.  Everybody is happy and carefree.

Summer Love - Layers you in sunny carefree days, dreams and desires 

The night evaporates to dawn. A whisper in your ear, a warm breeze on your neck and salt air in your hair.  Hot sun kissing your body, clouds pass on by, dramatic and deep.  The sky is low, where does the time go, don't go.  Dreams drifted away in the waves, so many moons ago.
Oh, Summer Love!


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MOONLIT TRYST soap collection
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