About the Book

Life on a Star

A Scented Story by Sassy AyR

Beauty holds its secrets, and so does Life on a Star.

Take a glimpse into Sassy’s world, a journey through unparalleled landscapes and blissful fragrances.

This book "Life on a Star" is a fictional dreamscape that contains a beautiful innovative Scented Page and a Surprise too! 

This book is one of a kind!

Here’s what makes it so special, inside the book is a scented page that allows you to experience one of the landscapes via storytelling and fragrance! If you like what you smell, it's available in a fine fragrance that you can wear everyday.  

The fine fragrance on the Scented Page is available for purchase by Laubahn Perfumes. 

This book takes reading to a whole new level!

Plus there will be other perfumes launched in the coming months all inspired by the book Life on Star.