Life on a Star soap collection

Life on a Star soap collection

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Life on a Star soap collection

Experience our four new fine fragrances in luxurious vegetable-based glycerin soap that were created to transport you to wonderful places and are all packaged in a gorgeous box designed with swirling smoke in blues and greens, tied with a ribbon in a stunning blue satin drawstring bag.

Each chic gem looking soap is 4oz and handmade in the USA.

Included in the box you will find a compressed cellulose sponge that rehydrates when placed in water and produces rich lather when used with the soaps.

Let the fragrant adventure begin!

Fern - Layers you in a lush green woodsy forest and an ivory floral hug

A soft landing in a luscious green forest, you have arrived.Wandering through a grass covered path surrounded by fluffy soft Ferns in intense shades of green nestled in ivory delicate smiling flowers smell happy wafting through the air.

Shade - Is a  cool embrace after the sun’s burning love

Time seems to slow down.

Continuing to wander through the path, it leads to a luxurious scenic area covered in a canopy of cool shade with shower of flowers and fragrant rainbows at every turn.

Sassy Soiree - Caresses you in confidence and charisma - you are the life of the party

You discover a Sassy Soirée and are greeted with a sparkling glass filled with a bubbly delectable drink. It smells so spectacular, and tastes of ripe apricot intertwined with mint mojito.

Flower Fireworks - Is the spark that unleashes your passion 

Feeling fine and sitting in the velvety soft grass as the warm sun sets and night time falls, exhilarating Flower Fireworks burst into the sky leaving a floral whirlwind, misting you in an exotic and intoxicating fragrance.


Life on a Star soap collection