Life on a Star Book

Life on a Star Book

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Beauty holds its secrets, and so does Life on a Star.

Take a glimpse into Sassy's world, a journey though unparalleled landscapes and blissful fragrances all inspired by a dream.

This book is one of a kind!

Here's what makes it so special, inside this book is an innovative beautiful full color scented page. The encapsulated oils on the scented page are released when the microcapsules containing the scent oils are broken by touch.

The scented perfume page in this book allows you to smell the landscape of the story and the scent on that page has been created into a fine fragrance, Lost in the Moment, that you can wear everyday and is available for purchase on our website

This book is one part science fiction, one part fantasy, and one part a perfume lovers dream. Life on a Star also is the inspiration behind the fine fragrance Naughty Garden.

The Price: $17.95 USD

Author: Sassy AyR